Monday, April 4, 2011


New Delhi: The 'Men in Blue' actually relied on 'red' to win the World Cup, the biggest cricketing glory of any player.

The Indian team management took a conscious decision to wear 'red' at the venue, be it during practice session or in dressing room, right before the start of the World Cup. They wore 'blue' only while playing matches.

It was a departure from the blue dress code which Team India usually followed in several cricket series in lead up to the World Cup.

The team generally believed that 'red' symbolized energy and greater force than 'blue' and would enhance its chance to win the World Cup.

The kits sponsors of Team India responded to the request in good time though officially they would like to believe that technical and not any superstition is the reason behind it.

"Usually, we try to provide a darker colour so that players don't lose white ball in the background," a spokesman of the company said.

It isn't quite clear who actually was instrumental behind this move to red dress code for the Indians though a powerful BCCI functionary is said to have brought about this change.

It is said that 'red' was first tried in the practice game in Bangalore before the team went to Chennai for the second practice game.

It then took the conscious decision in favour of 'red' before embarking for Bangladesh for its World Cup opening game.

In the past, however, it was always dark blue colour shirt.

Only in this World Cup the colour 'red' emerged.

Hence the images flashing on television sets and newspapers were of a team sporting 'red' at the practice sessions or in dressing room while the match was in progress.

So much so that players preferred to shift to 'red' as soon as they were out and made way to the pavilion.

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