Saturday, April 2, 2011

WORLD CUP TOSS CONTROVERSY:Sangakara Cheated says Vaughan

London: Former England captain Michael Vaughan has accused Kumar Sangakkara of cheating during the coin toss of the cricket World Cup final against India, saying it was the Sri Lankan skipper's "skulduggery" which prompted a re-toss.

There was confusion during toss of the ICC Cricket World Cup final, which India won by six wickets to reclaim the World Cup after 28 years.The start to the match was marred by confusion when the coin toss had to be performed twice after match referee Jeff Crowe failed to hear what Sangakkara had called.

But Vaughan wrote on his Twitter page that Sangakkara conned his Indian counterpart Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

"Sangakkara has stuffed Dhoni. He shouted tails in the first toss and lost it. You can hear it on air."

He later tweeted: "I hear tails shout at the toss..

Others hear heads... Inconclusive on the replays."

Vaughan went on to insist that the Sri Lankan skipper knew he had lost the toss the first time around.

"I think there was a bit of skulduggery at the toss.

Kumar Sangakkara knew he'd lost that first toss, but he saw Dhoni hadn't really heard him!"


ST said...

I agree! The match of this magnitude should have been without any glitch and controversy.. Millions of viewers saw the toss.. Sangakara cheated and lied through his teeth... His body language couldn't hide the trickery on his part... The question is: why an official was incharge of the toss who had already been involved in a previous controvery..The truth and integrity prevailed this time.. I'm elated that Dhoni and boys were not bogged down by conning incident and claimed the cup..

ST said...
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Atlanta Roofing said...

It was a great match and it is Team India who has won the world cup after 28 years. Great moment for the players and very good innings from Gambhir and MS Dhoni. Disappointment for the srilankans, but still they played excellent cricket throughout the tournament. Watch the post match presentation of the ICC world Cup 2011.