Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chennai super kings vs Deccan Chargers Highlights IPL 5


Deccan Chargers innings:
15th over: 101 for 8 Jadeja in his elements today. After hitting a 25-ball 48, he strikes with four wickets. First he has Gony caught by Raina and then gets Teja stumped. His figures now reads 4 for 14.
14th over: 99 for 6 Things are out of Deccan's reach now as they lost their sixth. Daniel Christian goes for a big heave but misses the slog sweep, and Bravo takes another catch in the deep. Jakati gets his second wicket.
13th over: 95 for 5 Jadeja has been bowling well. The left-arm orthodox is not giving away an easy runs. A six off the first ball, a dot on the second, and Chipli misses out on the third and is cleaned up. Just another single off the last three balls.
12th over: 88 for 4: Jakati gets his first as Deccan's captain White also departs. White tries to repeat the six off the previous ball but finds Raina at long-off.
C White c Raina b Jakati 23 (16)
11th over: 78 for 3 Now Jadeja comes into attack. A four by Patel, who goes back and pulls it over the deep square leg boundary, then another dot which is followed by the wicket. Patel goes for a slog sweep but chops the ball back on to his stumps. An excellent over by Jadeja.
P Patel b Jadeja 20 (17)
10th over: 73 for 2 The first ball is a dot as White makes room for himself but doesn't connect it. A similar attempt on the next and the ball goes past Bravo for a four. Another dot and a boundary off the next two balls and another two singles.
9th over: 63 for 2 The asking rate is hovering around 12 now. Both Parthiv Patel and Cameron White are struggling with their timings. Only six singles off Raina's second over.
8th over: 57 for 2 It's just not happening for Deccan. An eight-run over is not going to help their cause of chasing a massive total. They need a very big over that will give them the much-needed momentum.
7th over: 49 for 2 It has happened quite often that Raina picks up a wicket in his first over, and today is no different. Dhawan goes for the slog sweep but finds Bravo in the deep. A very good over by Raina, who gives away just four runs.
S Dhawan c Bravo b Raina 21 (18)
6th over: 45 for 1 Patel's chip over the cover region brings up his first boundary. Another four by Dhawan, who flicks Bollinger through the mid-wicket region. Another two singles as 10 runs come off this over.
5th over: 35 for 1 Just three runs are conceded by Ashwin in his third over. It's a bit strange that Dhoni has given three back-to-back overs to Ashwin, who has just given away 12 runs so far. Deccan batsmen need to fire now.
4th over: 32 for 1 Dhoni brings Bollinger, who after getting smacked for two consecutive boundaries by Harris, replies by getting him caught by the captain. Deccan lose their first wicket.
D Harris c Dhoni b Bollinger 15 (14)
3rd over: 21 for no loss Five singles off Ashwin's second over. It's time to attack for the Deccan's openers, who are not getting their timings right. The asking rate crosses 10.
2nd over: 16 for no loss Morne Morkel comes into attack. Three singles off the first three balls and a dot off the fourth. Then two boundaries to Shikhar Dhawan. First is a thick inside edge past Dhoni and the second one is a flick through the square leg region. 12 runs from Morkel's first over.
1st over: 4 for no loss Daniel Harris starts with a boundary. Ashwin gives him a little width outside off and he cuts past the backward point and short third man. Five dot balls follow as Ashwin mesmerises Harris with his variety. An unsuccessful appeal for a catch that comes off the batsman's pads finishes Ashwin's first over.
Chennai Super Kings innings:
20th over: 193 for 6 What a last over. 23 runs come off it. Bravo takes Gony to the cleaners, hitting the medium-pacer for three huge sixes. Last five overs have produced 72 runs for CSK. Bravo finishes 43 not out off 18 balls. Gony goes for 54 in his four.
19th over: 170 for 6 Two singles off the first two balls follows by a miscued six between long-on and long-off. Another maximum by the West Indian, who clears his front leg to deposit Sudhindra's full-length ball over the deep mid-wicket fence. Chennai are now targeting well over 170.
18th over: 153 for 6 Jadeja's cameo ends. While trying to flick a Steyn's delivery, Jadeja's toe touches the off stump. A sad dismissal to a brilliant innings. Steyn also finishes his four-over spell, giving away 25 picking up two wickets.
R Jadeja hit wicket b Steyn 48 (29)
17th over: 145 for 5 Not so good return for Sudhindra, who is clobbered for a mammoth straight six by Jadeja. Another six runs have been taken from this over. Chennai are looking good to post something around 170. But a lot depends on this pair of Jadeja and Dwayne Bravo.
16th over: 133 for 5 Four singles off the first four balls and Jadeja thinks enough is enough. The diminutive batsman chips out and whacks the fifth through covers for a four and sends the last ball through mid-wicket for another boundary.
15th over: 121 for 5 Steyn returns. A first-ball, follows by a quickly-taken two and another dot and another two off the next two. Dhoni doesn't get under the ball and hits it straight to Dan Harris. A crucial wicket at this stage of the game.
MS Dhoni c Harris b Steyn 7 (9)
14th over: 115 for 4 Great over for CSK. Jadeja takes 18 off Ankit Sharma's third over. The risk of bringing on a left-arm spinner against the left-handed Jadeja doesn't pay off. Jadeja hits Sharma for a four and two sixes, giving the Chennai innings the much-needed boost.
13th over: 97 for 4: Christian gets his second wicket. Badrinath slices an outside off delivery straight to backward point fielder Chipli, who takes a sharp catch.
S Badrinath c Chipli b Christian 25 (20)
12th over: 93 for 3 Gony comes back into the attack and goes for seven in his third over.
11th over: 85 for 3 Both Badrinath and Jadeja are excellent runners between the wickets. As boundaries are hard to come by, the two batsmen are scampering for runs. Sudhindra sends one down the leg side for a wide and a single off the next ball by Badrinath. Another single and a four by Badrinath on the fourth. The right-hander makes room and hits a shot delivery by Sudhindra between the mid-on and mid-wicket region. Ten runs come off this over.
10th over: 75 for 3 Christian has just given 10 runs in his two overs so far. This over has produced two of those. Jadeja joins Badrinath. CSK are hoping these two to fire.
9th over: 71 for 3 The danger man goes. Trying to clear the boundary one more time, du plessis hits a pitched-up ball into the hands of Christian at long-on. TP Sudhindra, playing his first IPL game, gets a wicket on the very delivery. Except a four off the last ball, the bowler gives only four more runs. Eight runs and a wicket. A good start by Sudhindra.
F du Plessis c Christian b Sudhindra 39 (25)
8th over: 63 for 2 Badrinath joins du Plussis in the middle. Left-arm orthodox Ankit Sharma returns. A single follows by another straight six by du Plessis, his fourth six and may be the longest of all. But a good comeback by the bowler as only one run comes off the next four deliveries.
7th over: 55 for 2 After Dan Christian, another Australian, Daniel Harris, comes into bowl. Three singles on the first three balls, follows by another cracking six by du Plessis on the fourth. The young South African batsman is turning it on now. Two two more singles to finish the over.
6th over: 44 for 2 Christian provides the breakthrough. After a boundary off the first ball, Raina miscues a hoick, lofting the ball straight up in the air, and the bowler takes a good catch in his followthrough. Six runs and a wicket. White would be happy with Christians' effort.
S Raina c & b Christian 16 (12)
5th over: 38 for 1 Great over for CSK. After two runs on the first three balls, du Plessis opens his shoulders, hits a four and two sixes off Gony. The first maximum sails over the mid-wicket fence while the second goes well over the long-off boundary. Was this sort of an over CSK were looking for? Only time will tell.
4th over: 20 for 1 Runs are coming in singles and doubles. Good stuff by Deccan bowlers. They are keeping things tight. Another tidy over from Steyn finishes. Five singles come in his over. Chennai batsmen should look to attack now.
3rd over: 15 for 1 Manpreet Gony has been brought into the attack. Raina welcomes him with a fierce square drive off the first delivery. A dot and a single on the next two balls, follows by another two dot balls and single on the last three. Good comeback by Gony. Only six runs from his over.
2nd over: 7 for 1 Seven runs off Steyn's first over. Two dots balls, a single by du Plessis next ball, a cracking cover drive by Suresh Raina follows on fourth. Another single off to third and a peach of a delivery, which lands on a good length and passes the outside edge of du Plessis' bat, ends a good over.
1st over: 2 for 1 A great start from Ankit Sharma. After giving two runs away to Murali Vijay off the first ball, and sending down three dot balls, the left-arm spinner Sharma cleans up Vijay on the fifth. Another dot ball to finish. Vijay flops again.
M Vijay b Ankit Sharma 2 (5)
7:30 p.m. Deccan Chargers' skipper Cameron White won the toss and asked Chennai Super Kings to bat first in the sixth match of IPL 5 in Visakhapatnam on Saturday.
Chennai have kept the same side which took on Mumbai Indians in the opening game, while Deccan have also got a good mixture of foreign and Indian players.
Deccan Chargers: Daniel Harris, Shikhar Dhawan, Parthiv Patel (wk), Bharat Chipli, Cameron White(capt), Daniel Christian, Dwaraka Ravi Teja, Ankit Sharma, Dale Steyn, Manpreet Gony, TP Sudhindra
Chennai Super Kings: Faf du Plessis, Murali Vijay, Suresh Raina, Dwayne Bravo, Albie Morkel, S Badrinath, MS Dhoni (wk/capt), Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shadab Jakati, Doug Bollinger

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