Tuesday, March 17, 2009

IPL:IPL may drop Delhi, Jaipur from new schedule

The new IPL schedule is ready and could be released in the next 48 hours. The Ministry of Home Affairs has received a fresh schedule for the Indian Premier League from the BCCI.Sources say Delhi, Jaipur and Vishakhapatnam have been dropped from the list of venues in the revised itinerary.A day after meeting between Home Ministry and IPL officials failed to break the deadlock on the schedule which coincides with the general elections, the organisers have re-worked the dates for the third time.Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday confirmed to CNN-IBN that the BCCI had sent a fresh IPL schedule to the Home Ministry. He also said the new schedule was been sent to various state governments and their response is awaited.The IPL is now hoping to get a go ahead within the next 48 hours.Sources have also confirmed that Dharamshala will host the matches which were earlier allotted to Vishakapatnam.

CNN-IBN has also learnt that the opening and closing ceremony dates of April 10 and May 24 respectively will remain the same.If all goes according to plan, the Home Ministry will receive assurances from state governments and the schedule could then be released within 48 hours.The Home Ministry had told the organisers that cosmetic changes in the fixture was not acceptable and they would have to finalise the dates in consultation with the state governments.A three-member BCCI team, led by Secretary N Srinivasan, met Special Secretary (Internal Security) Raman Srivastava in the Home Ministry where they were told not to indulge in cosmetic changes."The Home Ministry have expressed their concerns, they have explained it to us in details. We've also explained our difficulties and concerns and the importance of all the stakeholders," Srinivasan had told reporters.

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