Friday, March 20, 2009

Mumbai okays IPL after initial confusion

Mumbai police ended the confusion surrounding season two of the Indian Premier League when the city's police commissioner Hasan Gafoor saying they are ready to provide security for matches if matches do not coincide with polling days."The dates of the IPL matches are not in proximity with the election dates and we presently have no problems with the dates suggested by the BCCI for the matches," Gafoor said on Friday.The BCCI has also been informed about the same, he said.Gafoor further said the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) and other forces will take care of security during the matches. "We do not require central para-military forces to provide security for the matches," he said.He, however, wants the cricketers to stay at the Cricket Club of India instead of hotels.

The state police seemed to be divided on the issue with the director-general of police Suprakash Chakravarty saying earlier that the IPL should be held only after elections are over.At present, 11 matches are scheduled to be held in the state at two venues, Mumbai and Nagpur, before April 30, the day elections get over in Maharashtra.

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