Friday, March 13, 2009

No IPL may harm staging World Cup: Bindra

 IS Bindra, the Punjab Cricket Association president as well member of the IPL organising committee, believes it's crucial to find a solution to the IPL fix else there may be no IPL in 2009.In an interview to CNN-IBN, Bindra, visibly frustrated at the dilly-dallying of the Indian Government over the IPL's schedule clashing with the general elections, said the IPL might as well be put off if there was no solution to it."If you don't find a solution the IPL is off," Bindra said. "There should be an honesty to work out a solution.Bindra says the worse case scenario could get even worse. If the IPL gets called off, it could affect the hosting of the World Cup in India as well."My worry is that if the IPL is called off it could threaten the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games," Bindra said. "Especially since the West has this perception that India is like Pakistan as far as security is concerned. So if the IPL is not held they will think India is in the same league."Bindra did concede a potential solution in the form of drastically reducing the number of venues for the IPL, to five or six.

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