Sunday, April 5, 2009


Reacting to Sunil Gavaskar's harsh criticism of Kolkata Knight Riders' head coach John Buchanan's idea of having multiple captains during a match, team owner Shah Rukh Khan jumped to his rescue, asking the former Indian captain to stay away from his team's affairs."I respect Mr Gavaskar - his knowledge about cricket is a billion times better than me," Shah Rukh told CNN-IBN. "But this is an era where Mr Gavaskar has not indulged in, nevertheless his knowledge about the game does allow him to make comments."The Bollywood superstar added, "This is a new format that's being tried out. Please give it some breathing space. I am the owner of the team, I bought it. If he wants to implement something then let him buy a team."In his column in Sunday's Hindustan Times, Gavaskar said that the Indian media gave undue importance to Buchanan, who he said is a failed first-class cricketer making a living telling international players to do what he couldn't do."To comment on his multiple skipper theory is to give it the importance it doesn't deserve but what does require comment is how he has got his Queensland pals lucrative jobs with KKR," he wrote."They have a very big support staff which includes his son and most of them are from Queensland. The owners - poor souls - have little idea that they are being milked."Buchanan's multi-captain theory - of having three or four captains in a single Twenty20 game, drew criticism from a majority of cricket pundits, as well as Kolkata's regular captain Sourav Ganguly, although Kumar Sangakkara and Ricky Ponting thought the idea was worth experimenting.


Anonymous said...

SRK is not doing anyone any favour by buying his team and running it. It's an out and out commercial venture. Maybe he is desparate after last season's poor show by his team. And in any case, Gavaskar is much more qualified to comment on cricket. We should not forget that it is players like him who put India on the world cricket map. And SRK saying that Sunny should buy his own team smacks of nothing but crude arrogance stemming from the wealth amassed from the hard earned money of his fans who are ordinary Indians and not demi gods like him. Didn't expect this from you, Shahrukh!

MonkAre said...

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Himanshu said...

Hi all,
on Shahrukh khan statement, I would like to say something. I am very upset to hear this cheap statement about Mr. Gavaskar.
I am such a very big Fan of Cricket and gavaskar also. Apart from this, I really like very much Shahrukh Khab as an actor and as a person i respect him. But this is very sad and unfortunate to hear that volger statement for Mr. Gavaskar.
Mr. SRK didnt need to behaive like a child. I think Mr. SRK is very Intelligent and Down to Earth person but why he said i didnt understand.
Mr. Gavaskar is the Legend of Indian Cricket. And he knows about cricket more then Mr. SRK. If He is trying you to intimate your weak points then you should learn and try to resolve. Mr. SRK dont need to behaive like an igostic Person. Mr. SRK Be Cool. Give respect then Take Respect.
Dear Gavaskar Sir You carry On. We are with you always.


Himanshu Gupta

devi said...

Sharukh khan is right.20-20 is new form of cricket.let them try. ultimately the people should get good entertainment. traditional way will not work in any profession. if cinema can change cricket also can change . let gavaskar keep quiet or invest his money for one of the IPL team.